Here is what the press and some of our 90,000 customers have been saying about Footage Firm:

Trey Yancy of MacDirectory, macdirectory.com

The audio and effects offerings are excellent and the video clips include a lot of great content. If you are looking to build a good library of royalty free content, this may be just the thing for you. The prices simply cannot be beat. Read the full review here/

Tim Johnson, Emmy Award-winning Motion Graphic Artist, YouMakeMotion.com

Impressive! The clips in these collections found immediate use in my broadcast projects, high-end corporate presentations, and custom motion graphics. Highly recommended!

Sandy of GeniusDV, http://www.geniusdv.com/news_and_tutorials/2009/12/final_cut_pro_stock_footage.php

I recently acquired some stock footage from FootageFirm and was blown away. The quality was better than I could have imagined.


Which Stock Agency ranks Footage Firm as one of the "Best Stock Footage Agencies

Lorraine of VideoProductionTips.com, http://videoproductiontips.com/video-production-tips/free-stock-video-footage/

One of my favorite places to get royalty free images, Footage Firm, is giving away ten discs worth of royalty free video. You have to pay $8.41 shipping per disc, but it is still an incredible bargain.

Steve Douglas of "Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro Website,http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/footage_firms_time_lapse_douglas.html

I received a good sampling of Footage Firm's Time Lapse collections and was significantly impressed. Each clip appeared to be beautifully lit and filmed and the time-lapse effects for any of them are clearly of excellent quality.

Bryan Michael Stoller, Filmmaking for Dummies

Your rates are a lot more reasonable than the other companies, and a lot less confusing (no paperwork, releases etc.). Please feel free to mention that the author of "Filmmaking for Dummies" uses and recommends Footage Firm!

Dieu Pham, Creative Differences TV

Feel free to add the MegaDisasters series as part of the sources that use your footage. It’s been really wonderful and saves a lot of money for us. I just wanted to thank you for providing all of it and wanted to let you know it’s been really helpful.

Phil Giriodi, Four Points Video

Just want to give you an 'Atta Boy' for the terrific footage that I recently purchased from you. The 'Snow/Blizzard', 'Skiing/Snow Boarding', 'Aspen' and 'Extreme Skiing/Snow Boarding' all contain outstanding footage. I had so many choices it was difficult to chose which ones to use.

Also I must add that your personal customer support is the best. The two things that I value the most from a company is quality of product and good customer support. You gave both in abundance.

Tom Blainey, ALP Communications, Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much!! I ordered the Charleston, SC footage yesterday afternoon and had it in my hands today at 10 AM, WOW what service. The quality and variety of footage is excellent and you can't beat the price. Ordering was easy and I will come to your site first for my stock footage needs.

Matthew Stoneking, Canopus

Clips worked awesome. I work over here at Canopus and wanted to use them for test in our EDIUS program. Excellent quality!!!

Jim Barber, Imagemakers

I incorporated much of your New York stock footage in a background music video for Jimmy Osmond's American Jukebox Show which played in Branson, Missouri for 2 years and is scheduled to open in Blackpool England this summer. The video is projected on several large screens across the theater and serves as a visual backdrop to Jimmy Osmond and his dancers onstage. Thanks for helping me create such an exciting and visually stimulating stage presentation.

Quinton Thornton, TroubledStudios

I was in a lurch and needed some scenery for a simple promo I was making and I found your website. The footage was very high quality, and very helpful. I can't thank you enough!

Steve Rotter, SAR Productions

The [Chicago] footage was great! Very crisp and clean with awesome angles! It saved me tons of time in shooting my own stock footage of the city. I would highly recommend The Footage Firm if you need stock footage. Top of the line all the way.

Russ Castella, Bliss Entertainment LLC

People at footagefirm.com were really helpful and considerate in helping us out. The quality and the shot settings were just exact what we were looking for. Excellent customer service.

Brian Smith, Spectre World

The footage of Washington DC was great! It made my whole project go much faster and saved time and money when making my short film.

Gregg Richie, Business Network International

The quality of the footage was excellent, and blended well with the various sightseeing areas we wanted to highlight. The night shots of the Space Needle, Pikes Place Market, and the waterfront were all used, including the city view from the ferry boat.

George Aprea, JBH Video Productions

I used the footage for a Documentary on the homeless situation in San Francisco, and it was very professionally shot, good quality, good comp of shot. I was very pleased with the footage.

Jonathan Ackerman, East Lansing Trinity Church

The footage was excellent, very professional, the color capture was near perfect, and the shot compositions were as if I was standing beside the DP telling him what to capture, it was awesome. Besides being a great company with excellent prices, The Footage Firm is professional with good customer service and excellent footage to boot! I recomend this place to all my videographer friends. Watch out Artbeats here comes The Footage Firm!

Jason Harper, Harper Media

The quality of the footage has always been top of the line and dependable, with rich, full colors and excellent composition. I often find myself trying to balance several projects at the same time. Knowing that i can completely depend on the quality that arrives from FootageFirm makes my work less stressful and keeps my clients happy. It's my one-stop shop for just about every footage need I've every had.

Joseph Coburn, Coburn Productions

I live and work in New York, but I didn't want to spend a day walking around the city shooting B-Roll and losing money. More than pleased with the footage, but it does need some aerials. The shooting was fairly steady, and a nice mix of city locations. For the price, it made more sense than shooting it myself. May be doing other regional work and would certainly check back for tapes from other areas.

Brian Taylor, Ignition Films

This footage was instrumental in saving me time and energy better suited to the production of my film. And since it was shot with the same camera I use, it flows seamlessly into my project.

Wayne Robbins, Prosody Entertainment

The quality was high and allowed me to create a fictional, yet believable, company around which a case study was centered. I simply could not have accomplished the breadth of deliverable without this stock footage. A lifesaver at a reasonable price!

Hank Hustus, Director, Big Gun Productions/Matthew516Films

As an Independent Filmmaker, I have used footage from footage firm for several years in my productions. I have always been able to find what I needed when I needed it. The company is great to work with and has a very quick response time frame to help with any questions that you may have. Customer satisfaction is their goal and they do it well.

Bradley Bonner/Owner, HPTV

Your footage has been exceptionally useful in digital signage and backgrounds for commercials. I own a full production company as well as a local Television station in my area, and I like the way you do business.

Denis Bombardier, dbvision360.com

You have a good contact with your customers and offer great products. Feels just like having a friend in the store!

John Burns, Burns Multimedia

Burns Multimedia is proud to have such a diverse and useful collection of stock footage, acquired from Footage Firm, over the past two years! Having a large library of stock footage is critical when you're looking for that perfect B-Roll or subtle background for credits and titles. Footage Firm's great footage helps to fill that need!

Edwin Colon, Xanthe Films

Footage Firm has allowed us to enrich our productions with breathtaking content that takes our viewers beyond their imagination.

Loren A. Roberts, Producer, Hearken Creative Services

After a weeklong shoot in Chicago , there were just a few establishing city shots that the crew couldn't get because of horrible weather. Upon returning home and getting into the edit, I realized that we really needed those shots. Footage Firm's Chicago footage disc had exactly what we needed, and we were able to deliver a fantastic final product to the client.

Joe Stanfill - Station Manager, KHBA-TV Ch. 39

As a small religious broadcaster in a medium sized market I have used your footage to help with our seasonal hourly ID's very consistently. Having only one paid staff and a couple of volunteers doesn't leave us a lot of time to go out and get the 'perfect shot' so we really appreciate the consistent quality of Footage Firms various venues to choose from. We'll be back for more you can count on that.

Sheila Clover English, Circle of Seven Productions

We have clients who look for top quality video. We want our clients to trust our brand, so we trust Footage Firm with our stock footage needs.


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